These workshops are taught from a hands-on approach, with an emphasis on mixed media as participants are encouraged to develop a personal vocabulary by applying these new techniques to their current ideas and methodologies. Mini critiques and discussions of ideas and progress take place daily. A slide lecture on the historical and contemporary applications of the processes and techniques discussed in each workshop is available for all workshops. Please contact me to schedule a custom workshop specifically designed for the needs of your teaching facility.
Mark-Making Explorations (Beginner-Advanced)
1-5 days

With an intense focus on the process of mark-making, this workshop involves the exploration of the act of drawing as a vehicle for the discovery of form, materials and ideas. This is not a typical drawing course and will encourage those intimidated by drawing as well as inspire participants with more advanced skills. With an emphasis on mixed-media, participants will explore the mark-making possibilities of branding (creating marks and patterns with fire, heated metal tools and objects), rust printing and composting and are encouraged to respond to these marks utilizing various techniques and media. Other processes and media covered in this workshop include image transfer, water soluble crayons, horsehair, soy wax resist, stitch, and gesso. Throughout the workshop, participants are prompted by a series of thought provoking exercises that question what a drawing is in terms of processes and methodologies. These exercises are not geared toward drawing from observation, but rather toward process, experimentation and providing visual form to that which has no form - thoughts, ideas, emotions, feelings, etc. Participants are encouraged to step out of their current comfort zone by increasing their ability to create, see and respond to mark-making, to utilize a variety of styles and media, to draw intuitively and to integrate this new information creatively. Drawings and samples produced in this course can be used to inform a current body of work, construct a new body of work, investigate new techniques and explore new ideas. A slide lecture discussing historical and contemporary practices as it relates to drawing and mixed-media is also offered.    
Alternative Embellishment (Beginner-Advanced)
3-5 days
This workshop focuses on the stitch as both mark and structure to alter, enrich and transform the surface of pliable materials. While exploring traditional surface applications such as machine and hand embroidery, unconventional materials such as water-soluble embroidery film, Tyvek, Angelina Fibers, latex, fusibles, polyester, foiling, puff paint, found and recycled items will be combined with processes such as crayon and image transfer, collage, flocking and foiling, layering and heating to create complex and sculptural surfaces. Emphasis is on a contemporary, mixed-media approach to surface embellishment, alternative methods of joining and the creation of structure. Participants are encouraged to develop a personal vocabulary through the creation of a portfolio of samples which may be worked into a quilt, a book or exist as small-scale art pieces suitable for framing or further embellishment. A slide lecture discussing historical and contemporary practices involving fiber and alternative media is also offered.
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